Hollow (hollow_01) wrote in dieselpunks,


Dream harder at Dieselpunks.org

Dieselpunk is a genre of art (and some would argue a sub-culture) that enjoys the aesthetics of the 1920's - 1950's; a time when diesel technology was king. A time filled with super spies, pulp heroes, robot villains, and gum shoes beating the mean streets. It shares its roots with Steampunk, but bridges the gap between then and now.

Whatever you call it, dieselpunk is a love of what the future used to be like.

If you like the cut of that, then we welcome you to check out our network of artists, musicians, writers, and movie makers. The site is updated with the latest in steamy and dieselpunks news/events at least twice a day, and features a weekly column every Friday devoted to the icons of our cultures.

It's free, so check out www.dieselpunks.org to play with the toys.

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